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Wild Dove Limited Edition Sweatshirt

Marco Palmieri

To celebrate the beginning of this new year, I have decided to produce a limited-edition Wild Dove sweatshirt, with an image inspired by the Roman god Janus. The image is dedicated to new beginnings, transitions, growth, and self-love. Usually the god is shown as a singular figure with two faces looking in opposite directions: in this case, the god(s) exchanges a loving gaze with his other half, his friend, his lover. 

I see this image as a celebration of our many selves, both new and old, and in constant transition. It is a celebration of love, kindness, affection, and self-care.

I made this piece thinking about my family, my friends, and my students, who I care about very fondly. I like the idea of this sweatshirt keeping all of my loved ones warm during these cold winter months!

50% of the profits will go to the It's Ok campaign, a non-profit organisation that supports young people struggling with mental illness. I think this pandemic has impacted students and their mental health in ways that we older generations might not be able to fully comprehend. I hope this campaign will continue to help young people throughout the early parts of their lives. 

The remaining 50% of the profits will go towards launching a project I am extremely excited about, which will support and celebrate the fruitful relationship between visual artists, writers, and poets. More updates on this soon!

The sale closes on Thursday 10 February, so be sure to place your order before then!



THE SELLER HAS CHOSEN TO DONATE 50% OF THEIR PROFIT TO "It’s OK: Supporting Young People With Mental Illness."
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