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Looks like you want to launch your own custom printed garment with Print Social, welcome to the family :)

To get the most out of the process we recommend getting set-up on a desktop, you'll have much more room to make everything just right.

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File types: .jpg, .png, .svg
Size: min 1000px, max 3000px

Garment Style

Each design can be offered on multiple types of garment. Add more below:

  • {{$index + 1}} {{}}
  • Add styles
  • {{font}}
  • {{colour.label}}
Delete Done
Garment Style {{campaign.garments.indexOf(activeGarment) + 1}}





Base Cost

{{garmentTotal(activeGarment, 50, true) | currency: '£'}}

Based on 50 sales

  • {{$index + 1}}

    {{ | cut:false:13}}

    Base cost: {{garmentTotal(garment, garment.basis, true) | currency: '£'}}

    Estimated profit per garment for {{garment.basis}} sales

    {{garment.profit | currency:'£'}}

    Set Purchase Price


You only need to sell 5 units for your order to go to print!

Campaign Time

How long will your campaign last? We suggest the maxiumum length of 30 days, but you may want a quick turnaround!

Estimated Total Profit

{{totalProfit() | currency:'£'}}

Your campaign will be available at this URL:{{slug}}

Campaign Info

Add Tag

This is what your campaign page will look like. Edit the title and campaign information sections above and press 'Launch' to start selling!