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Trans hope


This is for our community. Our people. Our family. In the face of the greatest adversities, you maintain your capacity to love, to feel, to keep going. With our hands on our hearts we promise trans people there is hope. Solidarity forever. 

100% of profits will go to charity. 50% of profits go to UK Black Pride. The other 50% of profits will be personally donated to Trans Aid Cymru.

Design by Flatboy. Instagram @flatb0y

Although the design may look a little grainy here, Print Social assures it will be printed high resolution like the original digital design which can be seen in the supporting images.

 Design description: Three people stand in a line with one of their hands on their hearts and the other by their sides. They are only visible from the waist up and are wearing their underwear. They all have their eyes closed, a slight smile on their lips and they look peaceful. The person on the left is the tallest, they have long hair tied up in space buns and they are wearing big hoop earrings. They have freckles on their cheeks, a round, soft belly and they are wearing a bra. The person in the middle has very short curly hair and they are wearing a watch and stud earrings. They are topless, with visible single incision top surgery scars. The person on the right is the shortest. They have shoulder length wavy hair and stubble on their chin. They have small hoops in their ears and their belly is protruding from underneath their binder. Around the three figures reads: With our hands on our hearts we promise trans people there is hope.

{{ 15.9999999999999978 | currency: '£'}}THE SELLER HAS CHOSEN TO DONATE 50% OF THEIR PROFIT TO "UK Black Pride"

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UK Standard - £3.95
UK Tracked - £5.95
International Standard - From £6.00 to £7.00
International Tracked - From £9.50 to £11.00

Additional garments from the same campaign cost £1.50 extra for Uk deliveries and £2.00 extra for international deliveries.

We aim to print and ship garments within 10-15 working days from the end of the campaign. Due to covid related supply issues this can be longer.

Please note, orders will only be dispatched before Christmas if the campaign pre order ends before December 6th. Campaigns that end after December 6th will ship the orders in January when we return from Christmas break.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee that orders will be delivered for Christmas as this is out of our hands and down to the postal services.