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The Collective Makers x Ellis Lewis Dragstra

The Collective Makers

'Family Kitchen' by Ellis Lewis Dragstra


'This artwork was a birthday present for my mum, who's photo is to the left holding me as a baby with my brother. Creating this piece alined with my brother moving out, while helping him pack up all his things many memories were brought up, finding old toys and clothes we hadn't seen or thought about in years. This got me thinking about the power of objects and the memories and value they hold. Not monetary value, but sentimental. Both my parents being immigrants, my mum from Barbados and dad from Germany and me growing up in London. We always had a strange mix of objects in the house relating to the different cultures of our backgrounds. My family rarely bought new things, in a way everything from something as simple as cutlery was an heirloom being passed down from generation to generation. The kitchen feeling like that natural melting pot of the household where everyone met. I photographed all the objects I found that I knew had stories and memories attached to them, stitched them all together to create a kind of landscape museum of passed generations. Mixed with abstract paintings of the objects to show how these items have become like personal symbols of my family and how they are seen slightly differently by each generation.'

The Collective Makers’ is led by two local black emerging visual artists that reside within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Their aim is to create a platform and space for ethnic minority emerging artists in the local borough through the use of organised events, including exhibitions, workshops within locals schools, trips to galleries and being part of art projects.

The Collective Makers have partnered up with Woolwich Works, Art Hub and Clothes for Causes for Black History Month to present the work of some of the best emerging black visual artists from the borough and beyond in an exhibition called 'Black in Full Colour'. 

1 oct - 31st November at Woolwich Works.

Ig: @thecollectivemakers

{{ 20.000000000000001 | currency: '£'}}THE SELLER HAS CHOSEN TO DONATE 5% OF THEIR PROFIT TO "Clothes For Causes Greenwich"

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