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Stellar Women


Stellar Women is an illustration inspired by the many feminist movements I've seen around the globe: from the #metoo wave starting from America, to the women-led revolution in Belarus and Strajk Kobiet movement in Poland, women across the globe are making themselves heard. This work celebrates all the guiding stars risen by courageous women who are fighting for their cause.

50% of the donations go towards Girl Up Romania, a charity that is on a mission to change the discourse around inequality in Romania. It's a subject that brings back memories of an opaque system that leaves little space for conversations about women's rights, LGBTQ+, or sexual education in schools. I believe their work in this space will guide towards a safer place for my friends, their children and their families who still live in Romania and I miss truly.

Printed on in vivid coloured t-shirts and long sleeved shirts, wear these garments with pride in your fight to make your voice heard!

{{activeGarment.price | currency: '£'}}THE SELLER HAS CHOSEN TO DONATE 50% OF THEIR PROFIT TO "Girl Up Romania."

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