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Rebuild: Layer by Layer

Stephany Keyrouz

My name is Stephany Keyrouz, I am a Lebanese-American self-taught artist. Finding oneself, along with the personal essence that makes one this one, and not another, could be described as a collection of critical moments or instances during the path to self-exploration. My infatuation with the human mind has pushed me to delve into a BA in Clinical Psychology, followed by an MA in Educational Psychology, and I am delving still. 

I am infatuated every day, taken aback by how mind-blowing the human condition is. I trust that the human mind is, among so many other things, delicate, and ought to be handled with perseverance and patience; which is something I habitually focus on in my art. I tend to regard the head as constantly changing, which pushes me to play around with different textures and colors that would help me bring my idea together

Following the 4th of August, it remains gut-wrenching to think that we were once engulfed, encompassed by the warmth of our Beirut, let alone our own homes. I made concrete some of my overwhelming emotions in hopes of putting my hand out there, for any help, any support, any other hand in need.

If we were only to notice, to truly look into each other; we would be able to find solace in the mere fact that all of this, all of this art, all of this heedful fragile beauty, is made by humans. Crafted. How does this not make us feel warm to each other? Melt into each other. Discover and learn and interact and explode. Such poetic delicacy. What a meal for the cortex, we come from the same monad.

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