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Our Struggles are Connected

Sha Terry

This campaign hasn't yet been launchedThis project’s goal is to bring together like-minded creatives in an effort to raise awareness of how the overturning of Roe v. Wade is only the most recent example of a reactionary backlash from a disgustingly overwhelming margin of Americans and their political agents who feel entitled to force their repressive beliefs and backwards values on others.

The “Our Struggles are Connected” campaign is heavily inspired by past and present authors, activists and revolutionaries who understand that equality cannot be achieved without considering how white supremacy, capitalism and the patriarchy affects everyone - albeit at varying degrees and intersections. With their latest rulings, and of course well before them, the Supreme Court as well as countless members of congress on both sides of the aisle have made it clear that they will continue to uphold white supremacy and stop at nothing to perpetuate violence against the most marginalized members of our communities. 

All of the art was contributed by the artists below to raise money for the Indigenous Women Rising’s Abortion Fund and Access Reproductive Care-Southeast and all profits will be donated to and divided equally between these two organizations. 

Artists (listed in alphabetical order):

Aneesh Borah, Jordan Crumity, Isabelle Gomez, Nicole Gureli, Anarachel Humphrey, Alison Newell Keefe, Amanda Kotas, Andy Lai, Olin Nespor, Tony Ong, Han Shaffer, Allison Sowder, Jake Stoumbos, Nikki Swift and Alicia Terry.


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