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Lily and Hobbes


Approximately seven years ago, I presented my niece with a remarkable gift at the zoo—a tiger. As I captured that moment in a photograph, I couldn't help but draw a parallel to the beloved characters of Calvin and Hobbes, resonating deeply within my mind. In Lily's imagination, that tiger became her genuine friend.

Since then, I have immortalized this enchanting image across the globe through various artistic mediums: stencils, stickers, paste-ups, and awe-inspiring murals. One of my most significant murals can be found in Harlem, New York, adorning the walls of a school and standing tall at an impressive 25 meters in height. My aspiration is for Lily, when she matures and ventures out into the world, to witness these captivating artworks adorning the streets.

To support the cherished inspiration behind this artwork—the little sunshine and muse—I pledge to allocate half of the proceeds from its sale to funding school trips and providing art supplies. The remaining half will contribute to my ambitious drawing book project, further fueling my creative endeavors.


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