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Kundalini Chakra Anatomy Tote Bag

Ventral is Golden X Mama Xanadu

Sacred geometry is everywhere and it influences everything. From the macro to the micro, it exists all around us, in the unfurling of a rose bud to the orbit of Venus. It is the energetic blueprint that weaves together the fabric of our world. A pure expression of number and form, it is the language of creation and navigates the unseen dimensions beyond our three-dimensional reality.

Throughout history, humans have found many ways - stone circles, mandalas, labyrinths, temples - to call upon this universal law as a way of raising consciousness and communicating with a divine source. Observing sacred geometry can be a method of recalling this mystical knowledge into your daily practices.

Artworks created by Ventral is Golden - a graphic designer who’s works are inspired by the symbolism of ancient mythology and religion.

Based on ‘Sacred Geometry’ - a book written by Jemma Foster (Mama Xanadu) - a wild alchemist whose practice explores subjects spanning ethnobotany and herbal medicine to permaculture and the cosmos.

Sacred Geometry book available here.

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