Untitled artwork


Heya! My name is Arnelle. I am an illustrator, graphic designer, pattern maker, plant mom and international boss lady. I was born in sunny South Africa but currently I call London home.

I’ve always loved drawing and as a kid my subject matter would include the Ninja Turtles, mermaids, princesses and dogs. I love swimming, decorating, Christmas (I’m into it), food, spending time with people I love, foraging, travelling, doodling at airports, making things, miniatures, Wes Anderson films, stop motion, the instant gratification of ironing, raw bacon and bread (I’m way into it). I am hoping to retire at the sea one day.

I have a BA Information Design degree from the University of Pretoria and have worked with some great people along the way at Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, Masters & Savant, Mullen Lowe and the ONE Campaign.